Casual Phase-out, and What's Next


Understandable. Thanks for your continued dedication to building a stable, useful, and open platform. Looking forward to the future of and WriteFreely!


Allow me to be the first to give you a much needed roasting for this decision. You cost me $22 in a subscription and domain that I won’t get more than a year out of at the current rate.

P.S. You may also need to read this my friend.

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I appreciate the thorough roasting!

In all seriousness, I wrote this to give everyone ample warning and get their input – so I do appreciate it, and we’ll consider it alongside everyone else’s. But to reiterate the key points of the post:

  • As early adopters, all Casual subscribers are grandfathered in. Your Casual subscription and its rate will stay the same indefinitely, unless you cancel or switch to Pro. So your money isn’t wasted; you’ll continue paying only $12 each year, simply because you discovered us early in our history.

  • runs on free and open source software, called WriteFreely. Anyone can run this software themselves and get a near identical experience as on – and indeed that’s what we want to encourage more of.

In my humble opinion, this is a pretty fair change that doesn’t take anything away from existing users, while helping us meet our imperative to grow and last long into the future. But again, we remain open to everyone’s input. Thanks again for yours.


My feedback is that I agree with comments by quiethabits. The only thing I’d add to what he said is that I also appreciate the attention to privacy that is built into


It seems like this is a good time to pay for the casual.

6 usd/month is overcharging for service as in its current state.

@stoic.ass whoa that’s a real good roast. Thanks for pushing Svbtle to my attention.