Cant upload my work (blocked)

i tried to upload a work (story) that i made. it barely has violence (theres mentions of war, but theres barely any description about how gorey it is because i cant write gore), nothing sexual or even romance and i’ve only used two cuss words. i’ve tried cutting out the part where it has cuss words (i thought that was the cause of my work being blocked), but i couldnt upload it. i’ve read through my work to see if there was anything that didnt follow this website’s policy and rules, but i still. it said i was blocked for going against the website’s policy and i’ve tried twice. i didnt want to try again in fear of getting banned. can you help?

Sent you a private message!

We don’t filter posts based on content like this – we just look for things that spammers are commonly posting (e.g. lots of links), so this was just our systems wrongly flagging you.