Can't post on

Hi, I don’t know if it’s appropriate to ask about stuff, as it’s a free instance. But maybe I can get some help. Sometimes, when I try to post on, I get the error message: “Failed to post. Please try again.”. If I try to check the Developer Options, I get a generic:
“500 Internal Server Error
Maybe you can help me? Or am I asking for help in the wrong place?


1 Like isn’t run by Matt and It’s an independent WriteFreely instance. You’ll have to get in touch with whoever runs it. Sorry, don’t know who that is.


Same issue one month later, and I have not the fuzziest idea on how to contact the admins, save for a whois query.

Always back up your stuff, y’all.

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@albileetrees Did you just wait for a fix or did you contact the instance admins?
Was it the same error?
Do you remember how mcuh days you had to wait for a fix?

I sent a message to the aforementioned email I acquired through the WHOIS query; no response yet (and it took me a few days; it felt invasive having to go far as WHOIS to even get it-- but ultimately decided to give it a shot).

I had not used this service in over a month and was made aware of the issue only when I tried to log in recently. But, it appears to be the same error.

EDIT: To clarify on the errors I’m also getting, I just get a generic “Server Error” message, including when I attempt to post. In other browsers with no active login, the error is on most-- if not all-- of the pages. (And even while logged in-- still errors.)


Same thing here…

Maybe something related to the massive failure of GCP in Paris?

Back to normal situation.

Could be nice to have better error messages and a kind of UI to contact instance admins.

Could be closed.

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Hi there, just want to report that server for is down. Please help to fix it because I need to back up my works there. Thank you!

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Hi. Same issures here. I can’t open the and my personal blog. Could you please take a look when you have time? I need to back up some data as well. Many thanks!

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Unfortunately, @matt won’t be able to help you with this. is an independent instance of Writefreely which isn’t run by Matt/


please help to solve this problem. At least give us time to backup our work :sob::sob:, it’s already two weeks.

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@restof, @yingchen-ye and @mijil, send a message to, per WhoIs.

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I’ve ultimately decided to move my project elsewhere. My recommendation is that you do the same.

I did not like how unreliable appears to be, but I must stress that I do not have an issue with the software itself. There are more stable servers.


What do you use, @albileetrees?

It appears to be remediated now.