Cannot follow blog from

I have a blog on “” and when I search for it on I find it, but when I try to follow it, I get a 404 on that site. Not sure which end the problem is on.

Hey, when does the 404 come up? Is it while you’re in Mastodon and you click on the profile? If so, I’m wondering if we’re still blocked on – their admin (@gled) blocked us in mid-2018 for being closed-source and adding ActivityPub support.

I messaged them about unblocking us when we went open source a couple months later, but never heard back. So it might be worth messaging the moderators there about this – everything on your account looks good on the backend, and I’m able to follow from our instance.

Thanks. I can see the user there, but when clicking the follow icon is when the problem comes up. There was a change in the software at one point for the URL of the follow request, not sure if that is related. I was reading through issue on github and saw a few that could be related.

I’m also ok just being on too :slight_smile:

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That works :slight_smile:

But yeah, I’m not entirely sure what would cause this. If there was a software issue, I think a different error would’ve come up. A “404” is pretty specific, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s because of something like a domain block.