Can WriteFreely be deployed on an old Plume domain?

Hi there, i am not sure if this is a topic that should be discussed on a dedicated ActivityPub forum (i am not aware of any).

I am considering to replace my current Plume instance with WriteFreely, because I am loosing faith in the projects future… after a number of months, after the new maintainer took over, not much more than some housekeeping seems to have happened.

Plume already runs on a very fitting write. subdomain, which i’d like to keep. After having a nooby look at the W3C page for ActivityPub, it looks like it might cause a bit of chaos but nothing dramatically, because blogs and users would not exist anymore and of course WriteFreely likely wouldn’t agree to the existing follows for the domain… but i feel like this would sort itself out without too much drama, wouldn’t it?

Curious about your thoughts. :slight_smile:

Hey @milan, this might be possible! But I’m not entirely sure. I’ll think out loud here.

If you’re okay with existing follows not working, I think the only trouble would be if someone is already following a Plume blog on your domain, and you re-create a blog with the exact same username on WF.

For example, if I’m following the Plume blog from, and you re-create that blog in WriteFreely on your same domain, then that Mastodon instance is still going to expect to see Plume’s URIs (inbox, outbox, etc.) and the private / public keypair generated for that Plume user.

Since those would be different with WF, followers on that Mastodon instance wouldn’t get any updates (unless the admin of that instance reset things; and even then… I’m not sure).

Otherwise, I can’t think of any issues that would come up. The only real issue is how ActivityPub ties usernames to domains in an unchangeable way. So it could be worth trying!

If you wanted to ask the wider AP community too, this would be the forum for it!