[campaign] rss-feed referrer

In the Referrers section of my blog’s Stats page there’s an entry [campaign] rss-feed. What does it mean?

If you click a link from an RSS Feed aggregator, you’ll normally get that kind of entry in the stats page. For instance, people who arrive at your site by clicking a link from micro.blog.

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Thanks. So the clicks from Read Write.as end up under [campaign] rss-feed, right?

I don’t remember exactly, but I think so. Clicks from RSS feed readers like Feedly would also show up like that.

I just read about your post showing up on Hacker News. I would think clicks from there would show up on the stats in a similar manner as well.

I was actually wondering whether [campaign] rss-feed includes RSS subscribers. As for my post on Hacker News, I have also a Hacker News entry in the Write.as stats.

Yes, the [campaign] rss-feed is traffic that comes directly from your RSS feed. If you look at your feed, you’ll see that all links have ?pk_campaign=rss-feed added on at the end.

Traffic from Read Write.as should show up as a normal website referrer, simply showing “read.write.as” in your stats.