Bug? (iOS) No context menu in CSS/JavaScript forms

On iOS, the forms for custom CSS and JavaScript do not display context menus to select/copy/paste. That means it’s not possible to paste CSS/JavaScript on an iPhone/iPod touch. You can paste on an iPad because there is a separate paste button on the keyboard.

Secondly, you cannot select text typed into the forms.

In general, the code editing forms are very difficult to use on mobile.

This is running the latest version of iOS 13. Tested on mobile Safari and Brave.

Do others get the same results? And what is it like on Android?


I get the same results on Android. We’ve had other people recently bring up this iOS difficulty as well. We use Ace for our Custom CSS/JavaScript editor, so it might be a mobile/responsive issue on Ace’s end. We’ll look into it though. Thanks for bringing it up @nibl!


@cjeller1592 @matt ~ i am literally having this problem right now and have sunk 6 or 7 hours into trying to get the pythonista keyboard to do it…

its not working out.

please enable this if you can? i dont want to write out 70 lines or so of monetization code and css moreso by hand and i have the keyboard carpal f⇧
this hand thing so this would be very useful