Bug: Fediverse profile names get linked to Write.as blog

If I mention the Fediverse profile of my blog in a post, it will be automatically linked to the official Write.as blog. Kind of very annoying: I want to mention my own profile and when readers click on it, instead of showing my posts the Write.as posts are shown.

There is no workaround. I tried to add a link in markdown style. It’s overwritten by Write.as. I tried to add the HTML anchor element around it. It’s overwritten by Write.as.

The text I want to write:
The Fediverse handle of my blog is: @blog@keep-on-rolling.ch

What Write.as generates:
<p>The Fediverse handle of my blog is: <a href="/@/blog@keep-on-rolling.ch" class="u-url mention">@<span>blog@keep-on-rolling.ch</span></a></p>

The browser does see the following link:

The browser will be forwarded to the final page:

Redirecting the readers from the blogs of the paying users to the Write.as blog is not acceptable. I hope it is a bug and will be fixed ASAP.

This is the page where it happens: Abonnieren – Keep On Rolling

My solution to that problem is to link people to my previously-existing (and moving target) personal fediverse link (i.e. @davepolaschek@woodworking.group at the moment) which doesn’t get messed with on the blog (and then I go to the additional step of repeating any posts made by the automatic posting from my write.as fediverse account, because I don’t like the format of those posts anyhow).

It’s not ideal, but @matt seems pretty busy, and I’m not ready to dive in a start programming more myself at this point, so I do some extra manual work for now.