Bot to post in WriteFreely instances from Delta Chat app

Hello there, I have set up a bot that allows Delta Chat users to post in their blogs right from Delta Chat app. The bot is:

add it as a contact in your Delta Chat, then write /help to it to get the bot’s help.

To login you send the bot a message:


Alternatively if you don’t know how to get your token(this is not recommended since you are giving your user and password to a 3rd party bot):


After you login in the bot, the bot will create one chat per blog in your account, the chat will be named as the blog’s title, then each message you send in this chat will be published to the corresponding blog, this is how it looks:

Official Delta Chat client doesn’t support Markdown yet, I am using DeltaLab ( in the screenshot which is a Delta Chat with some small improvements like Markdown support.

Context: Delta Chat is a messenger that looks like Telegram, WhatsApp etc. but without own servers or needing a phone number, instead it uses your email server, that is, it is just an email client like Thunderbird or k9mail but that looks like a chat app instead of the classic email view, and it encrypts your email out of the box without needing any configuration


this can be an useful alternative for activists in countries that use to block internet during protests etc. but email usually keeps working at such times, so you can keep blogging :wink: