Bookmarklet that will let me post to my blog right from the page I'm on

I think this would be a cool feature. Instead of having to go to every time. You could also make one for the anonymous post editor. Either that, or make it so you can choose to post anonymously or to your own blog within the bookmarklet.

Hi @ladyhope, the team has created a Chrome extension that works similarly to the bookmarklet you are envisioning. You can hook it up to your account and post to your blog from the page you are on. Check it out here.


That’s cool, but I’m not using Chrome these days. Although I suppose it will work with something like Brave.

I think it might be nice to eventually support other browsers as well. Like at least a firefox extension as well as chrome-likes.

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Yeah, agreed. Apparently that’s in the plans at some point.

I’ve been looking at the Firefox extension development docs and wondering if I can port the existing Chrome extension over. I have made Chrome extensions in the past but not Firefox.

Hi, it’s probably possible. I’ve never gotten this far before so I’m not sure. Here are Mozilla’s instructions.

Just as an FYI, this might work with the Chrome extension.

I got the Foxified extension to install, but the extension wouldn’t for some reason.

Yeah, extensions have been pretty much standardized these days – e.g. our extension works on both Firefox and Chrome. But there was a bit of work needed on the extension to port it over to Firefox. I’ve created a task to track work on this now.


Well yay thanks for this!

The extension also works with WriteFreely installs if you edit the extension and replace all instances of with your server url.

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That’s a great point @9mmtylenol – the API endpoints are the same for and WriteFreely instances so replacing the URL should do the trick. Have you used it much in this way already? How has it been? Super curious as it’d be great for people with WriteFreely instances to know.

The posts do get submitted to the server and the bookmarklet extension actually show’s that I’m logged in. The only thing I’m finding is that the URL that is posted gives the unpublished draft link but the post is there, though nothing publicly published. So you get a 404 since it doesn’t publish by default. I believe it’s a configuration error with the server, since there’s little documentation on server config, on how responds to these API calls. Right now I don’t know how to get them to publish by default but the connectivity is there. Same happens with the cli and the writeas-gtk app (since I technically forked it to read the ./wf command).

We’ll be putting out API docs for WriteFreely soon, so hopefully that will help address the vagueness around the responses.

As far as documentation on the server configs, we do have the documentation here but are looking to improve upon it. Was there anything in mind that was unclear that needs to be addressed in the docs?

The other configuration parameters in the [app] section of the config.ini need to be addressed.


They may seem intuitive to figure out but I had to set them on and off to see the changes in my wf instance and get an idea on what it does. The other’s not mention seem easy enough to understand.