Blogger Import?

Hello. I am looking for ways to transition away from Blogger to Writeas platform and I couldn’t find any page for reference. Can this be done and if so, would anyone guide me to it? The blogger page in question is text only and I am trying to get away from Google services as much as I can. Any response would be appreciated.


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Last year I migrated from a Blogger blog but couldn’t find a way of importing the posts from, so I’m manually republishing some of the old ones.


Thank you for the reply. So basically need to copy/paste the posts here right? In blogger, I did notice there was an export function but not sure what it does though.

I unfortunately see no alternative to copy pasting as Blogger does let you save your content, but in a format doesn’t recognize. doesn’t support importing from a generic RSS feed either.

If you’re familiar with programming you may have a look at the Blogger API.

Thanks. Will go old-school with the transition then. :slight_smile:

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