Blog-wide option to disable Matomo to better serve privacy-focused readers

I am absolutely loving! As of today, I’m a Pro user just starting my blog. is a beautiful and ethical service, and it makes me excited about blogging and reading blogs again.

I generally don’t like it when websites use analytics (though open-source and instance-based/self-hosted Google Analytics alternatives like Matomo are definitely better), and though I recognize they can be useful, I would rather not have these analytics on my own site.

Since I use a custom domain, my adblocker (the Brave Browser), flags Matomo as a third-party cookie/tracker. I would like to be able to disable these analytics for my own blog, as knowing how many hits (server-side) my posts have received is more than enough for me, and I don’t want to collect any data I don’t have to for maximum respect of privacy.

Thank you all for providing such an awesome service.

Very good idea!

Hi @blake! This is something that we wanted to eventually build into It would remove the graph of users over time as well as referrers. That way you just have, like you mentioned, the hits of each post received.

Thanks to your suggestion it is now officially on the roadmap. We appreciate the feedback and feel free to reach out with anything else that comes to mind!


That’s fantastic! Thanks so much for the update.

Tangentially, in case there’s ever desire to drop PHP dependencies :grinning:

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In addition to disabling Matomo completely it would be great to have an option to run Matomo with cookies disabled.