Blog title - to the left/right - as a feature

I had this (personal, arbitrary) gripe about years ago - why not have a feature that allows one to put their blog title to the upper-left, or upper-right of the blog?

Everything is center, and clean, and it looks great, but wouldn’t a logo/blog title be more distinguishible and unique if one has the ability to change the positioning of it?

I doubt it would affect the use of the service, or the layout of the text editor - just a nice (probably easy to implement) feature to have

What do you all think?


@openlog.ttt Hi there!

I completely understand your perspective and it sounds like a reasonable suggestion. Adding the flexibility to customize the positioning of the blog title or logo could indeed provide users with more creative control over the appearance of their blogs. It’s always valuable to have options for personalization, as it allows users to make their spaces more unique and reflective of their individual style.

Implementing such a feature could enhance the overall user experience without significantly affecting the core functionality or layout of the service. It’s great that you’re sharing your thoughts and ideas for improvement, as user feedback often contributes to the evolution of platforms and services.

Thanks for sharing your suggestion!