Blog tags

Is there a functionality to add tags to posts and browse the blog history for specific tags ?
I find it fairly difficult to find a specific entry when the number of posts grows.

Do we have to scroll until we find a specific post ?

What I do is keep a local editor which supports tagging documents.

That way I write something, it’s tagged, I copy paste it out into the web, and I have a full archive of what I put out there and what it’s tagged as.

There’s an excellent app called cryptonium for iOS but there are SO very many others. It supports discreet workspaces like in Linux, but the tags are cross domain (they aren’t specific to any one workspace. ).

This is entirely different from agile tortoises app called drafts, which doesn’t really use workspaces … it does support tags though, but the interface is complicated. In drafts, workspaces are “tag filtering environments” and they are not actually separate containers… so for example change a tag filter in the search it does nothing to the number of notes you may have thought were j. A specific workspace , because that’s not what the authors meant by workspace. It’s a weird app and it’s too hard for my simple mind.

The first one I mentioned, cryptonium is very nice.

You may also like the way iAWriter handles tags, but really if you want something dead simple -

SyncNotes+ Is perhaps the easiest. You get a list of notes, a search box, and the thing finds everything matching as you type, then you can browse the static list below once you stopped typing, and it remains once you swipe left if that wasn’t the document you wanted.

Hey @arnovel , you can add tags to posts that, when clicked, give you an archive of all the posts with that same tag. This can help make finding posts a bit easier. Here’s a brief guide on how to use them:

There isn’t native search functionality for blogs but there are some other ways to do it that are outlined in this forum topic too:

Hope that helps!


This is very helpful, but your link does not specify the syntax for tags. It’s not done via #mytag apparently.

I still do not know how to add tags. Anyone ?

@arnovel Can you share a post where the hashtags aren’t working? #mytag should work fine on all blog posts (but not anonymous / draft posts).

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I’m confused, it seems to work on a new post :confused: .
Thanks for the patience and answer :smiley:

I’ve had tags not show up in searches right away when adding them to a post, or when switching a post from anonymous to my blog. The quickest solution I’ve found in those cases is to copy all the content and paste it into a new post, but I’ve also had “just wait a while” work. Wish I could offer a better way to reproduce this, but I haven’t found one yet. I’m pretty sure there’s something out there, though.