Blog post count in Statistics

I know there was a way for me to see the amount of blog posts I did at one point. It was in the settings somewhere? But I would like to suggest putting blog post count in the Stats part of for Pro users :slight_smile:

Just a suggestion. Thanx.

Great suggestion @tmo!

I think it’s that let’s you see the total number of posts across collection. If you want the post count for a blog, you can use the API to do a quick look up. The specific endpoint to look up is here:

If you want to quickly look it up, you can access the url directly (but you’ll probably need a JSON formatter browser extension to make sense of it). Here is what it will look like for your blog:

If you look for the total_posts, you should see the number there (2785 as of publishing this).


Thank you, CJ. I knew I had seen it somewhere before. I will remember that link :slight_smile: