Blog in but federation posts use


After I added commento comments on my blog for, I started to pay attention of the address used everywhere to access my blog. And I can see, even if I configured my blog to be accessible from, that the federated posts on mastodon are using So the visitor can’t comment.

Is there something I can do or should I use everywhere only ? or a custom domain

Hi @jeko! So this happens because you’re logged in. If someone else clicks the link on Mastodon, it will actually redirect to your domain, showing the comment section. You can try it by opening up one of your latest posts in your browser’s incognito mode:

Hope that makes sense and would be glad to clarify further!

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Yo @cjeller1592 ! Thank you for your help, actually it helps, I get it. It’s perfect.

(Is there something I can do to tell my “problem” is solved ?)

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Glad to help! So under my post above, you can select the ellipsis menu (. . .) and pull up a list of options. There should be an option for Solution. If you click that it will show in the topic that the problem is solved.