Blog Federation not Working

Hello. I’ve noticed that my blog (which is set to public) hasn’t shared any of my posts via federation since March 10th. Is there any way to kick it back into gear?


Hey just to be sure, are you still following your blog from your Mastodon / fediverse account? Posts won’t show up on a Mastodon, etc. instance unless someone on that instance is following the blog.

Yes. I’m following blog@blog, from

The last post that came through was on March 10th.

Yeah, my art blog at doesn’t seem to be getting through to my account on, which is following it. Worked a month or so ago, but not so much today. / @matt

Hmm, could you both try unfollowing and following your blogs again? It looks like you both might’ve been removed as followers somehow – likely some other federated activity happening on your blog.

I’m investigating what might be causing this bug now, and will let you all know when I have more information.

Sure thing. Done. :slight_smile:

I’ll check back in next time I post and let you know what I see. Thanks!

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I unfollowed and refollowed. Don’t have anything new to post on the blog just yet, though.

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Hey Matt. I finally posted something, and Federation is working again. Thanks!

I appreciate the help.


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Awesome, glad to hear it!