Blog creation/deletion delay

I made an extra blog (my fourth) on, and after I gave it a name (Thanx-lab) and hit “Create Blog”, the screen flashed/glitched and the blog didn’t show up. I refreshed, clicked away, came back, and it wasn’t created - so, I deleted an “extra” throwaway blog (thinking there was a 3 blog limit, as I have heard there is one for some users, but wasn’t sure). Now, I have typingcrush AND Thanx-lab.

OK, just checked again and typingcrush has been successfully deleted (as I meant to do) and thanx-lab is in place.

But there was a delay/glitch with it, and wanted to put it out there. Just a heads up.

Thanks for sharing that, @tmo. I think this was caused by the same issue here. The blog is definitely getting created, but things aren’t showing up right. Still we;ll definitely fix that.

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