Better design for emails sent to subscribers

I’d like to request better looking emails sent to subscribers who sign up through the subscription feature. While I’m not looking for anything elaborate, here are a few examples of improvements that can be made:

  1. Change the font to a sans-serif font system font on desktop and mobile. The serif font doesn’t look good on desktop.
  2. Make the max width of content on desktop 640px and center it (similar to the blog)

I think the changes above still keep the design simple/minimal while adding some welcomed polish.

Definitely agreed on limiting the width and centering the content. But what about the serif font doesn’t look good on desktop? It’s the same one we use on the web.

I set my blog’s font to sans serif and the newsletter looks clean and good to me. But I wish it rendered all the formatting the blog supports, such as MathJax.

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Yeah I think the trouble with that is that mail clients won’t run Javascript… We’d need to get a little more sophisticated with things like rendering mathjax, to maybe output it as an image in the newsletter instead. (Which is a future possibility.)

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Here’s what one blog (not mine) looks like on the web vs. in my gmail:

Desktop Web:

vs. Desktop email (gmail)

The desktop email version is very different and, in my opinion, quite a sore to look at. Thanks so much for looking into this!