Best places to host Writefreely

Well, apart from the service where all can we efficiently and easily host writefreely instance? Help add more number of services that you people can find out so that it becomes easier for others to decide on.

The ones I know are:

  1. Digital Ocean
  2. Linode
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Vultr - used to use-
AWS - I use this. -

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Pretty much any will work. Key thing is to make sure an actual virtual private server. If shared hosting or CPanel you will get something you can host php or static files not something like writefreely.

Also I would avoid any that are Openvz based. Basically you get a tiny container on a machine that often gets way over provisioned and not all software will install and run well.

Biggest indicator for both is super cheap pricing. Of course there are exceptions now days. Unfortunately I don’t know if a good resource that lists them by type and price… that would be amazing to have.