Bad uploads need deletion

I goofed up when uploading pictures to I tried to upload albums directly from my Apple Photos album. The photos show up only as grey blocks, which I can’t click and delete.

Can I get some help deleting these?

You’re gonna have to delete them one-by-one. Here’s how.

I can’t click on them. Nothing happens.

Hmm… That is going to require Matt’s help then. Are you able to enter galleries, if you have any?

@jakelacaze sorry for the delayed response on this. I can delete those images from our end if needed, but since it’s a little error-prone and time consuming, I wanted to see if another workaround does the trick first:

Can you try clicking on an image that is clickable, then using the back/forward arrows to get to the broken images? You should see a little “broken image” graphic like this, and be able to successfully click the “Delete” button.

As for a permanent fix, it looks like these images might’ve been HEIC photos, which Apple Photos uses. Does that sound right?

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That worked. Thanks, @matt.

You’re right: These would have been HEIC format photos.

In the past, I’ve uploaded pictures by dragging and dropping them from the Photos app into the upload box. I uploaded these photos via Photos from Finder. (Screenshot below in case my explanation isn’t clear.)

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Got it, that makes sense! I wasn’t aware of this file format before coming across your issue here. From what I read, the format just isn’t supported in any browsers at the moment, which is why it uploaded but didn’t show up.

I think in the near future, we could potentially convert these files into a browser-supported format like JPEG on upload – or show you an error if that doesn’t work.

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