Automating Posts on macOS with Siri Shortcuts calling the Writeas CLI

Having recently learned how to truly make use of the CLI, I’ve been working on a set of Siri Shortcuts for macOS that call it via the new Run Shell Script action.

Here’s my first example:

Post to Blog

Post to Blog

This shortcut uses the CLI to post the current clipboard contents to a writeas blog specified at install.

I wanted to start a thread here in case anyone has requests/suggestions and/or has done similar work of their own.




Post to Writeas Blog

I added the option to specify the post’s format and uploaded the result to RoutineHub.

I wrote a little guide. not in-depth or anything but I hope it at least adds some context.

Great idea… Thanks for sharing it with us : )


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This is excellent. I’d love to see a version that utilizes the API so that it would work cross platform with iOS and iPad OS Shortcuts as well. I am just getting into, but did the 5 year plan, so I’ll be investing some time in this in the near future.


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I’m working on it! In theory, I should already have a working shortcut for iOS that calls the CLI on your Mac over SSH, but for whatever reason, I can’t get it to respond. I could’ve sworn I once had the CLI working perfectly in iSH for iOS at one point in time, but of course, now I can’t figure out how to install it either there or in a-Shell lol.

On the subject of and iOS though, I would put money on myself as a contender against anybody. I’ve gotten to the point where I go to my phone even to publish stuff I’ve written on a desktop hehe. Let me know if I can be of further assistance/if you’d like to chat some time about solutions!