Audio embed not displaying on email

Is it possible to have an audio embed in Letters emails?

My latest post featured an audio embed which did not appear in my email. (See screenshots below.)

Screenshot of blog post featuring audio embed

Screenshot of email missing audio embed

If it helps, here is the basic HTML I attempted:

<audio controls src=""></audio>

Hmm, I’d assume this isn’t a supported HTML element in your email client (and probably many others). So maybe we should do some special conversion for any <audio> elements in the emails going out.

Maybe we link directly to the audio file? Any other thoughts?

Direct link is probably the easiest (most acceptable) solution for all email clients. Albeit a little rudimentary.

Just my opinion.

When you say link directly, do you mean something as simple as:

Listen on Racket

If it’s usual for audio elements not to show up in HTML emails, then that is likely what I have to do.