Are the apps supposed to be hardcoded to

Pardon my ignorance, but I’ve deployed an instance and tried using an app or two to post to my instance. I’ve noticed that they are all hardcoded to use as the instance, with no apparent way of changing that.

I suppose I could find-and-replace the domain and recompile the applications for myself, but I can’t find if that’s intended behaviour or not?

Which apps are you trying to post with?

For example, I want to use writeas-gtk to post to my own Write Freely instance.

Is that the intended workflow but not yet implemented, or do you intend for the apps to be used exclusively on the main instance?

Yep, the goal is to support all WriteFreely instances, like we mention on the WriteFreely apps page – we just haven’t implemented those changes yet. Everything was set up this way because has been the only instance available for the past 4 years, until last month when WF launched.

When the apps support all instances, we’ll also rename them to writefreely-gtk, etc., so this is more clear. And we’ll happily accept contributions from you or anyone else who wants to help us get there!

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