Are blogs without a paid subscription deleted?

Are blogs without a paid subscription deleted after some time?

Hi @nieistotnik! Blogs on are never automatically deleted.

If your subscription ends, you’ll simply lose the paid features like custom CSS or custom domains on all blogs, but you’ll still be able to post to your primary (first) blog. If you have any additional blogs on your account, you simply won’t be able to publish to any blogs besides your primary blog (but all previous posts will remain online).


Hi @matt! Thank you for your answer. :wink:

As for custom CSS. Does this mean that if I modified the CSS on my main blog during my Pro subscription, the blog appearance will revert to the default once the subscription ends? If so, will my CSS changes be restored when I renew my subscription?

Anyone can answer?

I believe they revert. My ones that were Pro now appear default and with the domain still instead of my own.
As for if you renew… just save the css in a file somewhere local to be sure, then you can add it back later. Why would you risk it. I have all posts, css etc backed up elsewhere, because shit happens and it makes it easier to recover.

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@nigel, indeed, it’s a good idea to save your CSS to a file. For now, I have paid for a monthly subscription on a trial basis and have turned off renewal. We’ll see what it will look like when it expires. Thanks for your reply. :wink:


Yes, the blog will publicly revert to the default style when your subscription ends. That is, your custom CSS won’t appear for your blog’s readers during that time. But this data is never automatically deleted either. So reactivating your subscription will simply reactivate the custom CSS, too. (And you can always access, but not edit, your custom CSS with an inactive subscription.)