Apps for WriteAs

My instance of WriteAs will allow people to follow via my writefreely fediverse ID, however as a vast majority of people don’t use the fediverse. Then which are some good apps for people to use on Mobile and or desktop where they can simply enter my id and follow me please.

I have made a post on my code club blog

Which is probably not really useful, so I would like to update and republish with some ideas for apps.

If the admins of update to a later version, I suspect people will be able to subscribe via e-mail.



Hi @PaulSutton, so WriteFreely, the software that powers and the instance your blog is on, doesn’t support email subscriptions. This is only a Pro feature (for now at least). So besides ActivityPub, people can follow your blog via RSS. This is the link people would use:

There are many feed reader services where people can add the above link to it. Feedly is probably the most popular one I can think of on the top of my head that has aa mobile & desktop presence:

If you want other options, this article gives a good overview:

Hi cjeller1592
Thanks for this, much appreciated, I have added the feed link to my
blog sites. I understand about subscription being a premium feature,
this is fine.

Keep up the good work with WriteAs


Paul Sutton