API-Server is missconfigured: For password-protected blogs you cant retrieve posts, 401 You don't have permission to access this collection

Dear Fellows,

Iam writing a little javascript-library I want to share with all of the write.as - Users wich is nice to use. I have a password-protected blog (collection) from wich I want to get the posts. First I authenticate with alias:pass and get in response my Token.
Next thing is to get my posts, Answer: 401: You don’t have permission to access this collection.
This must be a bug, I really want not believe, that no write.as - User at the moment is not using the API and runs into this problem.

Dear Matt: Please, please fix this the next hour or so. I want to code, want to write and cant, because I stuck with this open problems. Matt, here is some foretaste for your holydays:

close your eyes, take a nip, relax for 5 minutes, enjoy the pina collada.

Then: Please fix my problems :slight_smile:
Cheers, Dietrich