API-Server is missconfigured - CORS-Header is not delivered by the server

The API for all blogs is reachable under: https://write.as/api/

When you use fetch() inside your custom javascript and have your own host, like http://blogname.writeas.com then the server for the api doesnt send a

'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' : '*'- Header.

Solution: Please configure your webserver https://write.as that he adds this header for all CORS-Request. ALL is neccessary, because some users have own domain-names for their blogs. So * is the correct way.

Could you please fix this the fast way? Not waiting some weeks still the shit is rotten? It makes me sometimes a little bit pissed that write.as needs sometimes weeks to fix little things. Thanks!



Can You please fix this, now? I want to use the API and I cant! It is easy to configure, please, I want to code and get along with my work and I wait and wait and problem still open!

Its a pro Account, so please, please fix this!