API-Server is missconfigured - CORS-Header is not delivered by the server

The API for all blogs is reachable under: https://write.as/api/

When you use fetch() inside your custom javascript and have your own host, like http://blogname.writeas.com then the server for the api doesnt send a

'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' : '*'- Header.

Solution: Please configure your webserver https://write.as that he adds this header for all CORS-Request. ALL is neccessary, because some users have own domain-names for their blogs. So * is the correct way.

Could you please fix this the fast way? Not waiting some weeks still the shit is rotten? It makes me sometimes a little bit pissed that write.as needs sometimes weeks to fix little things. Thanks!



Can You please fix this, now? I want to use the API and I cant! It is easy to configure, please, I want to code and get along with my work and I wait and wait and problem still open!

Its a pro Account, so please, please fix this!



Iam absolute disappointed about you. Nobody with a custom domain name can use the api, because the http-server for write.as is not configured to send the correct cors-header. 30D and this bug is still open. Please fix this, I want to use the api in my blog, that works only when you please just do your work. Iam paying customer and I reported the bug, please fix it, thank a lot.


Yeah I don’t appreciate being talked to like that, and we don’t operate like that. I’m one person serving 500,000 people, and I’m not going to drop everything else on my plate to fix a single low-impact issue like this – especially when you’re berating me.

There are workarounds you can use today, if you search this forum. You’ll need to use those for now. And if you aren’t going to be more respectful going forward, I’m going to ignore you.

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Hi Matt,

OK. I think its not a problem for me own. From custom domain names blogs the API will not work.

Solution is easy: Please configure your API-Server that he send this header. If you say me what server you use, the I will recherche the solution.

Greets, dietrich

Hej matt. I beg you pardon, as I said, its time for holyday, for me, too :slight_smile:

Please, say me what webserver-combination LAMP you use, then I will recherche the way to send a CORS-Header for all subdomains and for writeas.com, so you save time and we can use the api when we are using our own domainname.

A fix for this actualli is, that you use a CORS-Proxy. I use:


but that must not be that we use a proxy, we want to talk directly to writeas.com

Thanks a lot,