API for customizing css and js

It’d be great to have a faster way to update the css and js by running a command that submits a local file.

A browser extension could also work but that might be extra work.

Completely agree about this @forrofinland. I can imagine this being useful for our themes blog too. It could be as easy as clicking on a button to add CSS or JS to your blog instead of copy & pasting the code.

Was there any use case you had in mind? I like the idea of being able to use the API endpoint to push local CSS updates to your blog.

Yes, that was what I had in mind. Then it could be used either as as curl command or a vscode extension to quickly submit the new version.

Applying a theme automatically would be cool!

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Hey @forrofinland, thanks for your input! This is something we’ve definitely been thinking about, and we just updated our API docs with information about how to do this.

You’ll simply use the “Update a Collection” endpoint and supply a style_sheet value for CSS, or script for JS. Just note that supplying this information will always completely overwrite the value there.

Please let us know how that works out for you!