Any way to see all of my anonymous posts?

On Log in — I see 5. When I delete one, another appears at the bottom of that list. So I know more exist, and I am pretty sure many more. But how can I see all of them?

Hmm, there should be a “Load more” button at the bottom… do you not see that?


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Hmm, there should be a “Load more” button at the bottom… do you not see that?


Any way to invoke the “Load more” function without havingc the button?
is it callable in some other way? I’ve lost some of my previous work and would liek to find it again.

That’s very disappointing. I have been an enthusiastic user and supporter of . I’ll start looking for another blogging platform. Don’t know if I will post any more here, but will be very aware of the limitations when I do. Maybe publish everything as a blog including my unfinished drafts…

Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing, either here or in a private message to @support? I’ll just need a little more information to be able to debug this.

If it matters, I am using Firefox on a Linux variant operating system.

Thanks! Looking at your account, it seems those are all the anonymous posts you have saved. I’m not sure why others are appearing when you delete one, but have you seen it happen again after that first time?

You might be right. I tried it again (deleted a post from the list) and no new posts appeared. I’m searching for links I have shared that are not published in the blog list but unless I come back with evidence, assume your answer is correct and I will stop worrying about lost work.

Ok great, just let me know if you find any!

I stopped looking for lost posts to test how works now. I added 11 test posts and only the last one, number 11, caused the end of the list to disappear and give me a “Load more…” link, which worked. So I am happy as of now and will delete all my tests and try again for some real work.

Also, the Edits worked fine, which was a problem once before.