Another micro-donation processor to add

Hello WriteFreely community,

We develop a free nonprofit micro-donation processor with a focus on privacy and freedom. It could be a good fit for WriteFreely and in multiple ways:

  • Thumb-up triggered or recurring micro-donations: transparent and optionally anonymous with no service fees. Instance domain owners can choose to receive a share to make hosting sustainable.

  • Visibility: applications built on the open donation statistics enable users to follow their favorite authors no matter where they publish. There’s not much difference where your author chooses to post - Twitter, Medium, Facebook or - you will see them alike, even if they happen to get banned from one of the platforms.

  • Decentralized crowdsourced moderation: while universal moderation practices of the market leaders underperform, complete absence of moderation in some Fediverse projects doesn’t improve user experience either. Smartlike helps develop systems where users decide on whether or how to filter the Internet.

Details on Smartlike

Let us cooperate!
Thank you,
Vadim Frolov,, Vienna

Shouldn’t this be sent to @matt first before posting here?