Animated GIF support in

I uploaded an animated GIF to the other day. Unfortunately, after upload it seems to have been converted to a PNG. At least this is what it now downloads, when I download the picture via the provided URL. So, animated GIF support would be neat :smile: .

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Yes, gif support to would help a lot.


Use cases for animated GIFs:

  1. Documentation and prototyping of user interface behavior. itself uses GIF for documentation of UI behavior:

  2. Moving pictures as in Harry Potter’s favorite newspapers, Daily Prophet and Evening Prophet.

  3. Appropriate visuals for the excellent mySpace, err, WriteSpace theme :partying_face:

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Thanks for your input, everyone! I completely agree we should support animated GIFs – and now we do! :tada:

BEHOLD the very first (working) animated GIF uploaded to

Animated, waving text that says "GIFs are cool"