An old account deletion

This is effectively addressed to Matt Baer, personally, but I cannot reach him through any channels whatsoever.

Matt, I would like to delete my old blog on, and it’s sub-blogs. The address is, and I am the owner of this blog and it’s contents, which I can verify in any manner you need.

This is my content, my words, my contributions, and I feel the right to have it removed (deleted, not just “made anonymous”) from the Internet. Failure to do so will result in legal action.

Thank you for cooperating

Thomas Matthew O’Leary

Hey I don’t think I’ve gotten any emails or messages from you… If you can email me (using the address on the contact page) from the exact email address used on your account, and confirm that you want it deleted, then I can take care of that for you.

I sent an email to from the e-mail on record ( requesting the blog be deleted.

This still hasn’t been deleted for some reason (9 days later)

matt I am still seeing the blog when I visit the URL. The e-mail for a request for takedown has been sent to the e-mail you specified twice. Can we make this happen relatively soon? Thank you.