An archive page for my podcast


I recently hit 75 episodes on my podcast and it feels like it’s worthy of it’s own ‘space’, for SEO/searchability.

For simplicity, I’m thinking a /podcast pinned page on would be easiest.

Is there a way I can automatically import episodes as I publish them (e.g. with an RSS feed?) to a /podcast page on my blog? Or would I have to manually do this at this time?

I also wouldn’t want my email subscribers to receive these ‘posts’ as they’re published, so I am guessing the only way I could do this currently would be to manually upload posts and use the time-stamp workaround, or I suppose I could create a separate website for my podcast :thinking:

(p.s. @matt, on a separate note, a tick-box opt-in/opt-out could really help to determine whether posts are merely published, or published and sent to subscribers? Just a thought :slight_smile:)

Update: I just made a new blog for my podcast :slight_smile:

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