Alternative payment method for a (long-)subscription

Hi there. I’d like to pay for a 1 or 5 year subscription for, but don’t have a credit card. Is it possible to pay either using a bank transfer from an Euro IBAN account, or pay using Bitcoin?

Through email I haven’t received an answer to my question and since asking, my trail period has ended. Is it possible to pay for a subscription through any of those two options?

This question is no longer relevant. I’ve chosen to move my blog over to another service. This post has been up for a week, and my email has gone unanswered for 3 weeks as well.

Perhaps its an idea to remove the text suggesting alternative payment methods from (Pricing — if this isn’t supported in actuality.

Sorry about that, the message about accepting crypto is indeed outdated, and we’re not set up for bank transfers right now. A prepaid card is usually the best way to go in situations like this. Appreciate the feedback – I’ll get the Pricing page updated!