Allow users to change editor (per user)

Hello Writefreely Forum,

I just installed the self-hosted variant of writefreely and like its idea. I want to create a microblog-style thing where the community I am part of can post their book reviews. That means I will have to deal with users that have different technical knowledge. There might different needs I would like to into account.

I have seen that writefreely offers the possibility to change the default editor for the site. The default (which is pad if I am not mistaken?) might be great for users like me, who know some markdown and HTML, I have no problem looking at the source Code of a article and imagine how it would look. A less tech savvy user might user might a prefer a more visual editor like classic does offer.

Maybe I am just blind and you can change the editor per user? I could not find anything.

My features request is fairly simple: Allow per user-settings for the editor, so one can choose the editor one likes best or even switch between them for certain tasks.

Hi @stefan230, thanks for the input! This is definitely something we can add to WriteFreely. We’ve tried out the idea on and it’s worked out pretty well. I’ll make sure we get that into our next big release.

Hello. Thank you for taking the time to answer. Great to hear that the feature will find its way into the selfhosted version writefreely.

I will be looking forward for the integration. That surely will make my life easier and provide more choice to the users

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