Aggressive Caching

Sometimes I want to update a draft post. I make changes and click “publish update”. When I go to edit it, all changes are gone because (I assume) the previous version is cached.

How can I prevent this?

Hey @justinf, when you go to edit it after publishing an update, are you using the “edit” button on the page, or the “back” button on the browser?

Hey ! Hope it s OK to jump in.
I got the same issue.
“edit” button, and “back” button have the same behavior.
also happened when editing on different machines.
I tried to clear cache, refresh, etc.

Just to be sure, does it happen when you press the edit button first?

This may be an issue if you use the back button first. Then it could possibly load the old data, and then save it as your draft, so then whether you press back or edit, you’ll see this out-of-date version.

If you can confirm that Publishing a Post > Pressing Edit shows you the old, cached version, please let me know and I’ll look into it.

Yo Matt !

I failed at reproducing it. So I guess I have pressed that back button once. Can’t tell for sure.

But the mess was so huge I relied on an external editor to copy/paste my text for that article haha.

Also, sometimes, instead of pressing “publish” (because I write too many shit I want to cancel), I press the top left button to go back to posts and blogs lists. Don’t know if it’s the same as the back button.

So… never mind. :sweat_smile:

And thank you for your work !

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Hah okay! Thanks for looking into it.

It really should only happen when you edit a post again (meaning it gets submitted to the server), and then you press “back” to go back to the editor. The reason is that the browser itself is preserving the old text in the editor, outside of our own autosave system. (This explains it a bit – leaving this link here partly for my own reference in the future.)

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