Admin URL

A quick question, I installed an instance using multiple blogs but could not log in as admin. It said I had incorrect password but I did not. I entered it and copied it to Notebook before launching. I installed a single user instance and logged in fine. I used the same tutorial for both. How do I log in as admin to the multiple blog? What is the URL for first admin log in? I have now taken them down as I cannot control them but I’m going to try again if I can get some help on this topic. ACrowe

The first user you create on your instance will always be the admin right now – any other blogs on a multiple-blog instance won’t be able to access the Admin Dashboard. So you’ll want to be sure to log in as that first user to access the Admin side.

Thank you for the reply. I have put two online; one each single and multiple. I was concerned that people might join while I was still learning the particulars of the admin. Pretty sweet and a huge change from wp. It’ll take some getting use to but I find the markdown a lot of fun.

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