Adjusting the width of the body/text of my blog?


Just wondering whether I might be able to adjust the width of my blogs content/body/text to a more narrow column-like layout, mirroring the look of that which you’d see when viewing it from a phone, but across all device types and screen sizes. Hopefully this makes sense the way it was phrased. Here’s a screenshot of how it appears on my phone:

While this is only of the main page, I would like this narrower width to be applied sitewide, to individual post pages as well. Thanks in advance for any code/advice on this!


Hey @anx, should be pretty easy! Something like this will work:

#wrapper, #post article {
    max-width: 400px;

As an explanation, the #wrapper will apply to the blog index, and #post article will apply to post pages. We use max-width so the site still looks good on even smaller screens. And of course, feel free to adjust the 400px value to the exact width you want. (I’ll again mention CSShorse if you want an easy way to do this :slightly_smiling_face:)