Additional .well-known needed for Matrix

I am currently facing the challenge of adding another.well-known folder to my Writefreely installation.

I have my matrix installation under, but it doesn’t promote correctly if the required entry with a reference to is missing in root.

Unfortunately, I’m totally overwhelmed trying to put the corresponding folder “.well-known/matrix/” with the two files “server” and “client” in the right place so that they can be used when calling or correspondingly can be found.

Maybe someone has already struggled with the problem and found a solution for themselves. The fact that I’m behind an nginx proxy manager doesn’t make it any better.

I would appreciate any tips and/or suggestions.

this is an nginx problem, nothing to do with writefreely. You need to have a location set under for .well-known

so something like

server {
    location /.well-known {
        root /the/matrix/wellknown/location/on/your/server;
        try_files $uri $uri/ =404;

plus whatever else you need (probably already have) in that server block.
You can probably put the matrix wellknown folder where ever you want, butit seems convention dictates it is in the websites folder, and you just need to make sure the nginx conf points to where you have put it.
I have not ever set up matrix, but I hope this helps.