Adding email subscribers yourself

We’re opening up the ability to manually add email addresses to your Subscribers list! (Thanks to @jas for the suggestion and use case for building this out!)

Previously, you needed to contact us to import any email addresses you wanted to add to your list of subscribers. Now, once we’ve enabled the feature for your account, you can manually add subscribers without going through us. (Note: this is meant for adding a small numbers of emails, instead of importing entire lists.)

If you’re interested, just send me a private message, being sure to include your username. I’ll unlock that feature on your account, and then you can go to your Subscribers list and add an email address from the top of the page. Any email you add will be “confirmed” by default, meaning the recipient will start receiving future updates immediately, skipping the confirmation email step.

IMPORTANT: By using this capability, you agree not to abuse it. That is: don’t use this to spam people via our platform, or to email people who didn’t agree to receive your emails, and so on. We won’t enable the feature if you don’t agree to these terms, and we’ll revoke the ability if you do end up using it toward harmful ends. Please do not do that!


Awesome, thank you, @matt! I appreciate you knocking this together so quickly for me, too.

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