Adding an anchor to a document

In the page at 2020 Surprise Swap Rabbet Plane and Spokeshave — davepolaschek I would like to set an anchor at the second section of the document (near the picture of the spokeshave).

If I add

<a name="spokeshave">&nbsp;</a>

to the source, so I could link to it with

<a href=>

the name portion gets stripped out. Actually, if I don’t have anything but the name in the anchor, the whole thing gets stripped out (I tested by also putting in a link, just so I can have the anchor tag still there for when I come back with a solution).

Is there a way to add anchors like this so I can link directly to sub-sections of documents?


If you add a heading, you could use it as an anchor:

### some heading

could be linked to:

Also, if you don’t want to add a header, you could use <a id="spokeshave">&nbsp;</a>.

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Thanks! id works for me.