Add Homebrew support to writefreely


Would be awesome to have writefreely accessible via Homebrew.

I’ve made a cask formula but it’s a little janky (requires manually cd’ing in and xattr -c writefreely to get around macOS Gatekeeper). Ideally this would build from source, but I wanted to get something working locally a bit quicker :stuck_out_tongue:

(When trying to build from source, make used sudo, which brew doesn’t particularly like)

cask "writefreely" do
  version "0.15.0"
  sha256 "4106dd4d4e6ff7cc7d2c7262ea276ac1e47e206801aa942d11c655845922c3c9"
  url "{version}/writefreely_#{version}_macos_amd64.tar.gz"
  name "writefreely"
  desc "A clean, Markdown-based publishing platform made for writers. Write together and build a community."
  homepage ""

  livecheck do
    url :stable

  # Can probably go earlier?
  depends_on macos: [

  binary "writefreely/writefreely"

  zap trash: ""