ActivityPub federation publishing the entire post instead of a summary


I think the case used to be that when I made a blog post on my account, it got federated to ActivityPub as an excerpt with a link to the full blog post. However, as it is now, the whole post gets federated which looks weird when reading from Mastodon - suddenly you get this massive blob of text in your feed. Is there any way to control this behavior, am I hallucinating that it used to work differently in the past, and am I the only one who wishes this behaved differently?

I’ve tried adding a “read more” break in the post, but this doesn’t seem to make a difference. With that, I get the head of the post shown on the blog itself, but the federated version is the complete post.

I haven’t seen anything similar with my blog hosted at and pointed to from my domain. Do you host your own WriteFreely instance?

No, my blog is hosted at as well.

Can you share the post where you’re seeing this so I can look into it?

The only behavior that’s changed in recent months is that if you don’t have any double linebreaks in your post, e.g. you’re publishing a single paragraph, then the entire post will show up in Mastodon. Otherwise (unless they’ve changed something on their end), you should just see the title and a link to the post.

Here’s the post: Incidents and Postmortems — Kristoffer Grönlund

I’ve been using the WYSIWYG editor, maybe that’s triggering the single-paragraph mode?

What’s the Fediverse handle of your blog? I’d like to check what the posts look like in Mastodon.

It’s . Thank you for helping look into this!

All of your toots look fine to me on Mastodon at Fosstodon, with links to the original posts and no full text. See the screenshot.

Those are the older posts that do look fine for me as well! It seems my newer posts that appear weirdly for me don’t even appear for you.

The toot of latest post you mentioned is missing from your profile:

I don’t think so… The post looks fine from here. And when you look at the source text (incidents-and-postmortems.txt) there are definitely double linebreaks.

Also when I look up the post from my Mastodon instance (, running v4.1.0), it looks correct:

Screenshot from 2023-02-28 12-35-00

Is your Mastodon instance running a fork / different version, like Hometown? There is some fediverse software and Mastodon forks that will display full articles, instead of these shorter previews. Again it’s entirely up to the receiving server.

I see, I had no idea that the instance might cause differences in this way! I am indeed running Hometown, so I bet that’s why I’m seeing the whole post. Apologies for creating all this work for you guys!

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Ah no worries – glad we figured it out!

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