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Hi everyone.

My blogs don’t seem to be getting into ActiveityPub. I’m wondering if the service needs to be HTTPS or is HTTP okay?

It may not be true with all platforms, but I believe Mastodon at least heavily prefers / needs HTTPS. This is especially important with things like verifying signatures on ActivityPub content. Would definitely recommend using HTTPS if possible.

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Thank you for replaying.

That is what I was afraid of. ATM, we have a certs problem that is only letting us do 4 subdomains so, we are stuck with a lot of HTTP sites :disappointed_relieved: so, I’ve setup a the public blog site on HTTP with read only access and the in house system for writing,

Hmm, have you looked at something like certbot for getting a free certificate?

WriteFreely can also take care of it for you if you run it in Standalone Server mode and set autocert = true (see these docs).

Certbot is the problem :disappointed_relieved: I’m not the network admin at MPAQ. He can’t get it to let use have more then 4 subdomains :frowning: