Account silenced automatically


I’ve been using for the past three years or so, finding it an optimal environment for creative endeavors, but a few months back, I was left unable to because, after trying to make a post with one too many links to, ahem, questionable websites (I was and am doing research on pornographic material), I found my account (@stickystrings) had been automatically silenced.
I completely understand why this could happen, and will abstain from any mass linking of this sort in the future, but I would love to use again.
Thanks in advance for your help.


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I get the need for providers to protect themselves from abuse of terms of reference and any legal implications.

As a journalist hoping to use a platform, however, it’s also a bit concerning to see this issue raised here but not answered. Was this looked into as a potentially genuine case?

Really sorry for missing this one! I’ve permanently un-silenced your account @stickystrings, so you should be able to publish again, and you won’t see any restrictions on the numbers of links you use.