Account detected as spammer

Hello, I have some problems with my account. I’ve never posting more work since last year, but yesterday when I want to publish new story, a notification came. Said that I violate the guides as a spammer. Can you please help me to solve this problem? Because I think I never did spam or write & publish same content. Even I got notification, said that my IP got banned or something.

Thank you.


Just sent you a private message!

Same here. I only use my account to pen my thoughts daily. I don’t think I’ve been spamming or violating guidelines and there are no bad words used.

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Sometimes our systems can wrongly flag people. I just sent you a private message.

hey, it happened to me too. my account detected as spammer. I didn’t post for like six months and today I want to post something. can you help? thank you

same here, can you help me please?

Just sent you both a private message, @onlyforcsy and @pacartawan.