Account deletion?

A user asked today if I can delete his account or if he can do it by its own.
I did not found a command nor a button in the web front end.

What is the proper way to delete an account? Should I just drop it from the database?

Related, is there a way to delete all my posts without deleting my account?

Hi @Perflyst! You are correct, just drop it from the database. In a future version you will be able to do this from the web front end!

Hey @bix, there is a way on our end to delete all your posts while keeping your account intact. All we need is reconfirmation that you want to delete all your posts (including blog posts and anonymous ones). Once I get the green light from you then we will go ahead and delete them all.

:green_apple: :flashlight: (@cjeller1592)

Cool! We just took care of it @bix. Let us know if you need anything else!