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Discuss themes for Write Freely.

While the first version of WF doesn’t support a concept of “themes,” we’ll likely support them in the future. Outside of the customizable CSS and JS you’ve seen on Write.as, Write Freely will give you much more control over the appearance of your blog.


I’ve been poking my nose into the files both in the repo and my own install to see where andif I could make customisations

ie Adding a ‘Social’ block to the Header and or Footer areas.

While I see some elements in the .tmpl files that have html I don’t see any additions to these blocks having an effect within my instance.

Now I’m not about to fiddle with the actual repo code base, but am happy to fiddle with my own install if I could see where/how to make changes within a specific version.

I also realise there is another layer that stores this info and my customisations would be overwritten by any updates from source i made later.

Essentially I am looking for a way to play AND learn through getting my hands dirty :slight_smile: