A request sent to WF host regarding the Write.Freely instance post display CSS

A letter to Ange and TeDomum regarding the screen width on the Reader view of TeDomum WriteFreely :

Hello Ange, TeDomum!

Bon jour, and thank you for the excellent service I enjoy with the Write.Freely instance at TeDomum.

I wanted to write to you and ask a question – regarding the displaying of pages in the instance.

From the very beginning of my usage of WF, I tried to understand how it displayed pages and images, and realized that it defaults to a 640 pixels wide column on my desktop or laptop displays.

Since then, I have always resized any images I use to fit that exactly - avoiding on-the-fly scaling, which degrades the image and causes delay. So far it has worked well for me.

When I open the URL of one of my pages directly, for example :

…it will display as created, optimally. Happy author!

However, when looking at my Blog view, the stream of all recent posts : Musings by @rg — TeDomum Write

…then I am dismayed to notice that my careful layout is mangled, since it seems to use a slightly narrower display width.

Sadly, that damages the presentation.

Could I ask you to consider reviewing the CSS for this function? I just took a screenshot (attached) and I do see the image size in a post is preserved at 640p, so no scaling is involved.

However – the spacing on HR dividers is greatly compressed, and in general it seems to use a smaller size font, than the same page viewed directly by its URL.

Here are Two screenshots for comparison.

View 1 : a snippet of a post as viewed in the users Blog posts stream.


Noticeably compressed spacing around Horizontal Rulers.

View 2 : the same paragraphs, as displayed directly on the page.

Response received :

I received a reply from Ange, who’s an admin at TeDomum.net, my WF host.


Request – Help !

Since it seems this might be hard coded into Write.Freely I decided to copy my Forum post here, and ask for your assistance.

Being very detail oriented and careful about Layout and presentation (I am a Designer), I find the displaying of collapsed vertical spaces in the blog stream sub-optimal, quite sadenning when I spend time honing the posts the best I could.

Please – could you suggest a solution ?

Thank you!

@design_RG@qoto.org is my main account, for Fediverse contact.

SOLUTION – thanks to kaiyou at TeDomum.net :


CSS snippet from kaiyou’s message :

body#collection article hr {
  margin-top: 2em;
  margin-bottom: 3em;

My reply :

Merci, kaiyou!!!

That solved the problem. Wonderful, thank you.

@globcoco – you might want to look at this topic, a problem in the default display on Write.Freely!

Copy kaiyou’s code snippet into your personal account, Customization box. Save and voilá!

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